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you were the sort of 
season that made
every inch of sunburn
worth it

you were
the kind of
muddy good
our parents 
made us keep

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“I had a bad dream…” Shion began softly. “I wanted someone to help me, and I reached out as far as I could… and I grabbed onto your hand.”  - No.6

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You’re sarcastic and you like to mock others, and hate seafood, you have bad sleeping habits. You’re well-read and have an extensive intellect, but you’re completely unorganized! You’re moody and even though you seem neurotic, you’re actually really sloppy! You like your soup scalding, and if I mess up the salt content even a little, you get super pissy! And last night, you kicked me out of bed three times in your sleep!

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The wonderful world of Hoenn!
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